I started this blog not as a way to deal with my mid-life crisis or to rub people the wrong way, but rather as a way to create a forum to discuss and share things that might collectively help all of us. I wrote the poem “Joaquin” as a tribute to my son who is turning three years old next week. My son won’t understand anything that the poem is trying to reflect or transmit, but he will take ownership of it at this critical point of his life. We believe, within our culture, that a soul is born at the age of three; this is the critical age when a young person starts learning how to distinguish between right and wrong. This is the age when they’re trying to copy and emulate every single thing you do – and it is of extreme importance to not only set good examples, but it’s also imperative to start building a good template for them to follow. This poem is meant to be that template for my son.